Skin Care


We begin with personalized skin assessment. Deep pore cleansing and through exfoliation under steam, sweep away dulling surface cell, revealing new, gorgeous skin. Monthly treatment recommended.

Calamities facial for sensitive skin - $90

Created for intolerant complexions, this soothing treatment is designed to strengthen fragile skin while reducing redness and discouraging irritation. A perfect choice for any sensitive skin.

Bioelements Acne clearing treatment - $95

An absolute must if you're prone to breakouts. Clogged pores or blackheads. Receive a personal skin assessment followed by deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and medicated Amino mask.

Oxygenation facial - $95

The high performance "cosmeceuticals" skin treatment carries active ingredients deep into the skin , via oxygen molecules. This is a perfect treatment for skin that is sluggish or showing signs of aging.

LightPlex pigment balancing treatment - $95

If evening skin tone and fading dark spots are priorities, this is the facial for you. It begins with through skin cleansing followed by enzyme therapy exfoliation treatment custom blended for your skin.

LED Light therapy treatment - $80

LED light therapy is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, reducing pores size, and brightening the skin. a session only takes 30minutes. It's also an effective and pain-free approach to treating skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation and adult acne. red light is great for lines and wrinkles while blue light is used to treat acne. The sensation the cost is standalone treatment only for $80

LED Light therapy treatment with facial - $150

Aging skin, lines, dull skin, surface wrinkles, flakiness, neck creates, enlarged pores,breakouts,clogged pores, or pigment spots. Out of the ten problems listed above how many do you have? Let LED Light Therapy with Bioelements  anti-age facial or with Bioelements acne facial help you solve all the problems.

Bioelements Chinese herbology facial - $115

    A one-of-a kind, dual-action retexturizing facial to deliver both physical and chemical exfoliation with Bioelements cult-favorite Chinese Herbology. You’ll experience a complete exfoliating facial featuring these ancient herbal granules to first sweep away dulling cells, then melt into skin, releasing natural AHAs. You’ll emerge with skin that’s smoother, brighter and completely revitalized. 

Bioelements lactic-plus peel /facial - $115

The advanced, ultimate strength peel contains organic lactic acid, enhanced by pumpkin fruit enzymes and stimulating pomegranate to provide a powerful surface peeling of dulling skin cells. This peel will dramatically improve dull , lifeless and rough textured skin, and can be customized to meet the level of exfoliation that your skin needs with amazing results, and no down time.

Bioelements Ultra-Detox Chemical peel - $125

Smoothes-out rough skin texture and increases hydration. In logs the most stubborn clogged pores- reduces appearance of pore size. Softens stubborn, deeper or remove skin-aging toxins. Brightens dull, lifeless skin to reveal a rosy glow. Immediate and noticeable tightening of sagging tissue. Lines and wrinkles become immediately less noticeable. Lightens and brightens moderate levels of hyper pigmentation. All with zero pain, zero flaking, zero downtime.

Flaxx-c anti-aging facial - $125

This breakthrough treatment is created for skin that's showing signs of age-sagging, fine lines and dullness. A thorough cleansing is followed by our exclusive layered exfoliation process, energizing massage and ultra-tightening mask.


There’s no facial more personalized to your needs than this. Each step is a fusion of science, natural botanicals, aomatherapist oils and luxurious techniques customized with clinical strength ingredients uniquely designed to deliver results. The first step begins with a SkinReading® to determine your concerns and skin goals, followed by invigorating cleansing, exfoliation and skin sedation, a custom blended aromatherapeutic facial massage, plus a power treatment and mask targeted to your concerns. 


Rehabilitate your skin's aging, lined, exhausted appearance with this innovative, collagen-targeted treatment. After an invigorating exfoliation and Youth Renewal Massage, your skin will be saturated with a powerful amino acid power treatment to help support skin's youth collagen and elastin performance – so lines appear filled, skin looks firmer, and acts years younger. You'll emerge with improved line appearance, and renewed, firmer and more dewy skin.


Want instant-radiance? This facial is designed to wake up your skin and deliver an enviable glow as it improves lines, hydration
and under eye puff. You'll experience an invigorating deep cleanse, refreshing exfoliation, and a Youth Renewal Massage. Next, 
a pro-concentrated radiance power treatment and mask will indulge your skin with a luminous glow. A must-book treatment before
any big event – or any time you want radiant skin

Hydra MAX Facial- $150

The Hydra Max Facial treatment is the newest advance in non-laser skin resurfacing. Hydra-Max Facial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation,extraction,hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin. The treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested, enlarged pores,oily or acne-prone skin, hyper hyperpigmentation, and brown spots .

Microdermabrasion - $150

A non-invasive, non-surgical procedure using a highly spray of fine crystals to remove the outer layer of skin and reveal younger, tighter and more radiant skin underneath. Treatment conditions include blackheads and whiteheads ,fine wrinkles, sun damage, acne and superficial age spots and oily skin. A wonderful alternative to harsh chemicals and laser treatments. Microdermabrasion with facial treatment together results is so amazing!

Microdermabrasion face treatment only - $95

Back Facial - $85

Help with ingrown and acne prone skin. The back treatment will improve the appearance and tone of the skin, as well as relax the back muscles. Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, back massage ,a purifying mask, and hydrating treatment

Fast result for eye treatment - $30

Fast results for neck and decollete v treatment - $35

Fast results for hand treatment - $35